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Deactivated M3 Grease Gun .45 ACP
  • Deactivated M3 Grease Gun .45 ACP


    WWII US M3 or "Grease Gun" manufactured Guide Lamp. Produced to replace the Thompson machine gun during world war two, which was expensive and slow to manufacture, it was nick named the Grease gun as it looked very similar to a type used by mechanics. The US military realised the need to produce a low cost mass production machine gun, much like the British Sten. This early M3 model was the answer, first introduced into service in late 1942, it has a distinctive cocking handle located on the right side of the ejector housing. The M3 was only produced until late 1944, when it modernized and redesignated the M3A1. Chambered in .45 like the Thompson it replaced. It still packed one hell of a punch. Deactivated with moving cocking handle. Deactivated in 2003 it is not strippable. Please use the contact us form to enquire about export purchase requirements or to have the item deactivated to current standards at additional cost.




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