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Genuine WW2 Dated British Enfield SMLE Mk3 Lamp (1)
  • Genuine WW2 Dated British Enfield SMLE Mk3 Lamp (1)

    Genuine WW2 39 Dated British Enfield SMLE Mk3 Rifle Receiver with Genuine WD stamped Stock Table Lamp


    Table lamp made using a genuine WW2 issue Short Magazine Lee Enfield Mk3 Receiver. The Receiver comes from a number of British Rifles found in France. They have been cut to make them unusable, but the stamping on the stock plate is still readable. Attached is a genuine WD (War Dept.) stamped stock with a copy of a correct sling swivel base plate. The lamp stands on an Oak Base. Fabric covered flex, Brass lamp holder, Bayonet fitting, on off switch is part of the lamp holder. The barrel part is recent manufacture from PLA made to replicate the bolt and barrel part. The receiver shows signs of years of storage, minor rust pitting etc. The lamp in the photos is the one that you will receive. I will be making some more in the very near future, so if you have anything in mind, please get in touch. Most of the receivers I have are 38, 39 dated.

    There is no evidence to this, but I believe they were originally left behind by the BEF when they were evacuated. Unfortunately, they were cut up when found, but I have upcycled them to give them a new life. The stocks I have are Walnut or Beech and are all genuine ex-WD stock.

    The stamp on the Side Reads
    B.S.A. Co.
    SHT L.E

    (George 6th
    British Small Arms Company Manufactured in 1939
    Short Lee Enfield
    Mark 3)

    The PLA printed parts are manufactured to give the appearance of a Bolt in the receiver and the sling swivel base, they are not original parts.

    The lamp does not come with a shade or bulb but should you require either please let me know.

    Please bear in mind that the receivers and stocks are genuine. The receivers have come from storage and have been cleaned up and painted. The Stocks are Genuine WD unissued again from storage. The base is Reclaimed Oak with minimum re-finishing. There will be imperfections, blemishes, Dings, marks. They have been hand assembled with the purpose of preserving as much as possible the historic parts.

    Any questions or requests please message me.
    If you require any further images, please let me know
    The lamp will be tested before shipment and comes fitted with a 3 pin UK plug.

    I can ship overseas but please be aware that the shipping price is quite high. Please message me for an accurate quote

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