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Original WW2 German 7.92 Bullet Head Cufflinks
  • Original WW2 German 7.92 Bullet Head Cufflinks

    Pair of Genuine WW2 German 7.92 Bullet Head cufflinks.
    Genuine Pre 1945 manufacture bullet heads machined from the once fired round and made into cufflinks. Various dates and manufacturers available. Steel case or Brass case. Please get in touch to find out what is avaialable or request anything in particular. A truly unique gift for any Military enthusiast, History Buff or discerning stylish Gentleman. The cufflinks come in a recycled card box.
    If you have any particular year or manufacturer in mind please contact me. I am also able to manufacture other caliber cufflinks to order if I have the cases available. Please contact me.
    Please note. The heads are from genuine historic rounds that are over 70 years old. I will always try and match into pairs, but that may not always be possible. I will try and match as well as possible. for example, identical manufacturer and type, but different year. If you specifically want a matching pair, please let me know. Please be aware that I clean these as much as I can without destroying the stampings, so ther emay be the odd mark from 70 years in storage. Many Thanks.

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