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Ration Box Toys Limited Edition Jeep
  • Ration Box Toys Limited Edition Jeep


    The Ice Cream Shop brings you a limited edition of Ration Box Toy’s Iconic Jeep. Each one is numbered from the Limited run of 25 of this type and is numbered.  Each Jeep comes in a recycled cardboard box, ideal for that perfect gift. Adult Collectable Toy. Hand made from Steel, Nylon with cellulose paint. The passengers are two inert .45 ACP rounds which are not capable of being fired. The item is hand made and finished and as such may have slight imperfections, these constitute part of the toy’s inherent appeal and are not faults. The main material is steel and has the properties as such, please take all necessary care during play.
    The Jeep measures 80mm x 56mm x 44mm, the box 90mm x 70mm x 48mm.
    Each Jeep is hand sprayed in primer then topcoat. The colour is an Olive Drab that was used to paint WW2 Jeeps. Although there were countless variations, this colour is the closest I found to the original paint on my 1944 Ford. Originally a one off gift for my grandson, it was interesting to put the components together, starting with the wheels, welding and machining the body, and finally looking for a unique twist for the driver and passenger. After being asked to make some more, I decided to see if gifts I had made would appeal to others.
    There are slight variations in the edition numbers. Large, small and medium transfers, No transfers, Black Wheels. If you want to see images of any variation, please message me

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